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As a writer and someone who teaches multimedia it's actually pretty amazing how long it's taken me to start a blog. Well, here it is. It's still too early to be certain of what direction it's going to take, but I expect the main themes will be photography, technology and art. Stay tuned. Perhaps something else will dominate...

Junque Miles

 "Junque Miles" is the column I write for the Rochester Running Page. A humorous feature, mostly about runners and running, but universal enough to appeal to general readers. It'll either inspire you to get out and start getting in shape yourself or scare you off the idea of running entirely!

Life In the Finger Lakes

 I shot photos and wrote an article for Life In the Finger Lakes magazine about the Muddy Sneaker 20k Trail Race in upstate New York. Started by two fanatical trail running enthusiasts who wanted to put everything they loved about off-road running into one event, it took less than a year to go from obscurity to being selected by Runner's World as one of the five best trail races in America.

24 Hours of Nelson Ledges

 Endurance racing, whether car or motorcycle, is a cult niche in a cult sport. In fact it's almost disappeared from the United States' motorcycle racing scene. The last 24-hour race in the eastern U.S was held in 1993. Find out what it was like in this article reprinted from the Rochester Road Racer. There's also another version on line on the SuperbikePlanet web site.

Words and Music

 Pages featuring poetry and lyrics from my recordings "Japanese Haiku Tour", "From Parts Unknown" and the upcoming "Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax".

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