A Random Assortment of Works

Quiet Sings the Rain

Quiet sings the rain
And breathes with soft relief
Of love's release
In kindness' touch
The smallest chance
For which we wait

Alone we watch the night
And shelter in the hope
Of finding one
And being found
Then having strength
To not let go

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing feelings begin
I cannot wait
My need is within

Take a handful of loneliness
Cleanse your body
Free the world to awake within you

Remove all sounds
Renounce the names
Know the deception of the many
And the many faces of deception

Opening petals
Receive the world
Hold it and are held by it

Believeing that which others doubt
And doubting all beliefs
Seeing is believing

The Ghost of Hailwood

The sound!
The sound!
That tears the air and echoes 'cross the sky
That thrills completely through
Like the purity of joy
That shouts of freedom:
"No price is too great to pay!
To break those chains that hold us -
Convention, Mediocrity and Compromise."

The mad desire to laugh out loud
Restrained by force of will
As, balanced on the very edge,
We catch the fleeting light of now
(The essence true of life itself
Known only to a few)
To see the most sublime and then,
Returning to the commonplace
To see anew the beauty
That is tomorrow's breath.


Droplets of water
Fall from the tip of a spear
And shimmer with light

Seventeen jewels
Set into a shining sea
In the morning sun

The voice of a song
Lost when surrounded by words
Alone sings its truth

The Common Ground

Two lovers embracing, no matter how close,
Cannot achieve what they desire most

Forever divided, into two that can't meet,
The fragments remaining of a world once complete

Beauty diluted, a slave to the mind,
Whose careful constructions enrapture and blind

To learn from the rain - the beauty of waiting
To learn from the wind - the sadness of wanting
To learn from the earth - the sureness of growing
To learn from the sun - the power of knowing

Awareness resides in the silence
Where thought and emotion begin
On the shining edge of experience
Reflecting the light from within

At the moment each note is created
The player and listener are one
The sensation lasts an eternity
And yet, in an instant, is gone

Nature sings and music dances
Destroys all forms and names with sound
Calls the many to be as one
Reveals new life upon the common ground

Turtles All the Way Down

I'm going to drop a match
From the leaning tower of Pisa
To see if light falls faster than dark
And no matter how fast you are
You can't catch it
It's not just a good idea - it's the law
And it's turtles all the way down

I'm going to soar naked
Over the last empty fields
Because weight's an illusion that's all in your mind
And math isn't really a science
It's religion
It's just a description of something we love
And it's turtles all the way down

A flower growing in the wild
More beautiful by far
Than one perfectly cultivated
In a garden anywhere
Why do you need a cause
To see beauty in the world?
It's just gravity and mass
And it's all beautiful!

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Copyright © Mark Roberts