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Like so many others, I started using Pentax cameras with the famous K-1000. Years later I'm using Pentax digital SLRs and my darkroom has been replaced by a computer.

This page contains links to all my various collections of Pentax camera and lens information, plus links to my favorite resources for Pentax users. If you're an long-time Pentax user, some of them will surely be familiar to you already, but I hope you'll find a few new (to you) gems here as well. If you're a newcomer to Pentax, be sure to browse through and see what kind of resources the Pentax community has to offer.

My Pentax Pages

These pages are all on this site and amongst the "Photo Specific" links in the navigation bar on the left side of this page, but I'll give you some detailed descriptions here.

PDML Photo Annual

Every year members of the Pentax Discussion Mailing List donate their photographs to a book project that raises money for charity. I'm the editor of this remarkable project.

Lens/Camera Compatibility

One of the great things about Pentax's digital cameras is their lens compatibility: You can use any Pentax lens made since 1975. But the functionality varies from the oldest lenses to the newest. This guide shows what features work with each lens series and what to beware of when buying third-party lenses.

Filter Sizes for Pentax Lenses

A reference guide of the filter thread size of every Pentax K-mount lens ever sold. Also includes a chart of the transmission characteristics of various Pentax filters.

Pentax Service Manuals

A collection of service manuals for older Pentax film cameras. You still sometimes see people selling CDs of these on eBay. Don't buy from these scoundrels: They've just downloaded them free from my web site. You can too!

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Other Useful Pentax Web Pages

From around the web, here are some excellent sources of information and various Pentax-related products and services.

•  Boz's K-Mount Page

The grand-daddy of them all! A comprehensive listing of Pentax cameras, lenses and accessories, with full technical specifications.

•  Stan Halpin's Pentax Lens Page

A huge collection of user evaluations of Pentax lenses.

•  Pentax Discussion Mailing List

Probably the best source of technical information, photographic advice and outright entertainment. The PDML, as it is known, is where you can meet a great group of people with vast experience with Pentax equipment.

•  Pentax User's Gallery

A monthly photo gallery by members of the Pentax Discussion Mailing List (see the PDML listing at left). Send in your own photos and be part of the PUG.

•  The Official Pentax Photo Gallery

Visit the Pentax photo gallery

•  Yoshihiko Takinami's Lens Resolution Tests

Thorough, objective tests of the resolution of many Pentax lenses.


A big assortment of Pentax owner's manuals.

•  NoviiRemote

Software ($24.99) that lets you use your PDA as an infrared remote control for just about anything electronic, including IR-equipped Pentax cameras. Download the codes for Pentax cameras here (zipped).

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