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I use Pentax medium format and 35mm cameras and lenses for a lot of my photography.

Even though most of my shooting is done digitally now I still have a soft spot for my faithful Pentax MX (below). Made in the 1980s, it is a totally manual, completely mechanical, professional-quality camera (and there are still occasions when slide film, rather than digital, is appropriate).

Pentax MX Support for older cameras is becoming harder to find; as the supply of good condition examples dwindles and their price goes up, repair and maintenance become more critical. To help owners of older, manual focus Pentaxes keep their equipment in good condition I am making service manuals available here at no charge.

Download the manuals by clicking on the links below. All I ask in return is that, if you obtain a service manual that isn't listed, you mail me a good quality photocopy so I can make it available to other Pentax users. This way we'll all benefit from the wider availability of this information.

OWNER'S MANUALS: Please DO NOT contact me about manuals for Pentax cameras or other products; all the ones I have are listed here. Owner's manuals are available from Pentax and from

Service Manuals

Webmasters: Please don't link directly to these PDF files (to save bandwidth from robots my server won't allow it, anyway) – just provide a link to this page.

Pentax MX service manual (1.4M)

Pentax ME service manual (400k)

Pentax ME Super service manual (800k)

Pentax K2 service manual (1.4M)

Pentax Spotmatic service manual (1.2M)

Pentax LX service manual (26M)

And, courtesy of

Pentax Super Program (Program A) service manual (5.5M)

National Camera K1000 service manual (17M)

National Camera Spotmatic service manual (11M)

And... courtesy of Ramon Milton:

Pentax Winder MX service manual (5.5M) — this is not an official Pentax manual: Mr. Milton drew up the schematics and disassembly information himself!

These files are all PDF's. For opening, reading and printing them I recommend free Foxit PDF reader

If you have trouble downloading these files, try clicking your right mouse button on the link and then selecting "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Firefox) from the pop-up menu.

Also Available on CD-ROM:

I will provide all these manuals on CD-ROM for $12.00 including shipping within the U.S. ($14.00 for Canada and $18.00 for all other countries.) Pay Pal, and internationsl money orders (in U.S.funds) accepted for payment. Contact me for more information.

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