Student Work

Student Creations from My Multimedia Authoring Course

One of the great things about teaching is getting to see the creativity and wealth of new ideas to come out of students experiencing the power of multimedia arts for the first time. Here is a selection of work from the students in my Multimedia Authoring course.

Animations Made with Director, Output as Video

(The web versions below are in Flash Video format and require the Adobe Flash plug-in for your browser — most browsers have it already installed)

The local cable TV company held a contest, asking people to make videos to accompany the song for their "ret rid of your satellite dish" promotion. I had my students make animations in Adobe Director, export them in AVI video format and enter them in the contest as a mid-term project. The two below won prizes for their creators.

The video below was also entered in the cable TV contest, but didn't win a prize. For reasons that will become obvious when you view it :)

The video below... Well, what can I say other than I don't think I really look like this!


Interactive Director Shockwave Movies

(These require the Adobe Shockwave plug-in for your browser — if it's not already on your computer you'll be prompted for automatic installation)

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