2003 PDML Quotation List:

Quotations by Members of the Pentax-Discuss Mailing List, 2003

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Join the PDML Why is photography the only art form for which some neurotics demand something called truth?

— Bob Blakely

The telling of beautiful, untrue things is the proper aim of art.

— Oscar Wilde (Who would be a PDML member if he were still alive)

It's more important to be a photographer than a professional.

— Collin Brendemuehl

The Limited lenses have more soul than Otis Redding!

— Pål Jensen

I have absolutely no doubt that after the nuclear holocaust, the only things left on earth will be billions of fat and happy cockroaches and tens of thousands of perfectly functional K1000s.

— John Edwin Mason

Why is photography the only art form for which some neurotics demand something called truth?

— Bob Blakely

The photographer's lack of discipline is independent of the camera.

— Pål Jensen

When you're a hobbyist, your equipment and your pictures are the most important things. When you're working, time and money are the most important things.

— Paul Stenquist

Except for losing the car, I did pretty well from an equipment reliability standpoint.

— D. Glenn Arthur

Photography is art. Art is practised by artists. Artists as a group have more ego than most other definable groups.

— William Robb

Information doesn't have anything to do with art.

— Mike Johnston

There is nothing like the feel of several hundred dollars worth of ergonomic magnesium alloy in your hands.

— Brendan Bhagan

If metering were as hard to succeed at as it is to understand, there would be far, far fewer photographs in the world.

— Mike Johnston

A Pentax will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no Pentax.

— Bill Casselberry

Being the smallest gorilla in a troop of gorillas still means that you're a gorilla.

— Fred Wasti

I'm not out there to impress someone with my image, only with my images... As long as that's the case, I'll use my Pentaxes, thank you.

— Don Nelson

I shoot with primes when I can and zooms when the need dictates.

— Bruce Dayton

Think about it, the light goes through the lens. If that gets screwed up, the best body in the world ain't gonna fix it.

— Frank Theriault

Even though a lens has good bokeh, it doesn't mean it can make a harsh background look good.

— Paul Jones

I've seen very few pictures that would benefit from better hardware more than from better shooting.

— "Bucky"

Photography is simple. The only complicated thing is keeping it simple.

— Ken Archer

Overall, I'm not very charitable to pros. Anyone who wishes to do so may write this off to envy, sour grapes, prejudice, whatever. But I like art.

— Mike Johnston

Pro camera: generates more income than it cost

— Dan Scott

A pro must have a finely tuned sense of 'good enough' else he'll soon starve.

— George

The perfect lens is the one on your camera at the instant you fire the shutter.

— Dan Scott

Error is robust, correctness frail and fleeting.

— Mike Johnston

WARNING: The Sturgeon General has determined that reading the PDML may be dangerous to your mental health, and can lead to severe weight loss in your wallet as well as a depletion of monetary assets in financial instructions. Married individuals could experience extreme disharmony due to these and other effects.

— P.J. Alling

Striving for excellence is stimulating and rewarding; striving for perfection — in practically anything — is both neurotic and futile.

— Edwin Bliss, 1817-1892 (a minister from Putney, Vermont)

A good photo will overcome its format.

— Doug Brewer

It seems that sometimes we tend to be carried away by the 'coolness' of some cameras or accessories, and forget why we wanted a camera in the first place.

— Valentin Donisa

It's only bad luck if you screwed up the shot. Otherwise it's just a war story.

— Tom Van Veen

As a photographer, if you are not thinking about light, what are you thinking about?

— Mark Cassino

Too much gear means not enough photography

— Cotty

The downside is that the Pentax name won't give you much cred at the rich-dentist/doctor/lawyer US-national-park-parking-lot nature-photographer fraternity congregation.

— Pål Jensen

To me, each and every unsatisfactory photo is a kick in that ass to dig deeper into myself and learn more.

— Mark Cassino

It is not heresy to criticise Limited lenses. It is, though, absurd to criticise lenses one has no experience with.

— Pål Jensen

I don't much like your idea of this new millennium if it means not getting the fucking job done.

— Dr E D F Williams

It's usually the photographer's technique that sets the limit of performance, not the system bandwidth.

— Rob Studdert

Doing photography in return for money under the direction of someone else is not a very good way to make good pictures.

— Mike Johnston

Any idiot can buy a Canon or a Nikon, but it take's a special kind of idiot to buy a Pentax!

— Steve Desjardins

It is always difficult to be correct and understood at the same time.

— Dag T

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views.

— Dr. Who (Not a PDML member — as far as I know — but pretty perceptive guy!)

I swear to God, I'll buy new bunny ears before Grandfather Mountain!

— Frank Theriault

It's not which technology is better, it's the application of the technology that makes the difference.

— J.C. O'Connell

The amount of 'grain' showing is about the same as I would expect from a good 6x7 negative. The amount of fine detail I can see is similar to what I would expect from a good 35mm negative.

— William Robb (describing 6MP digital images)

I sometimes think we want (Pentax) to advertise more so our friends will know what we are using.

— Tom "Graywolf" Rittenhouse

If you think about it long enough, you'll discover the underlying evil intent.

— Len Paris

It seems the ones that shoot the least complain the most.

— Herb Chong

Where the imagination goes, the wallet is sure to follow.

— Malcolm Smith

A realistic goal is to not feel the need to have a quota system when you go out shooting. Just do the best you can, and try to learn something from every job.

— William Robb

Photography is about going from something we can only see to something we can hold in our hands.

— William Robb

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