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My "band", The Bohemian Fringe, consists of myself and whatever musician friends I can round up at any given time for performance or recording. I play bass and sing and occasionally play some guitar. I write almost all the material I record, but I occasionally use songs written by friends or well-known (and not-so-well-known) material by well known (or not-so-well-known) recording artists.

Artwork from 'Japanese Haiku Tour' EP The first studio recordings of the Fringe were done in 1986. The first release followed a year later with 1987's Japanese Haiku Tour, a 4-song EP (yep, 12-inch vinyl baby!). This was followed by a 7-inch vinyl single with the dance mix of "Walk Around the Wall" on the A-side and a reggae version(!) of Bruce Springsteen's "Cover Me" as the B-side.

Artwork from the 'From Parts Unknown' CD The first The Bohemian Fringe CD was released in 1991 and was titled "From Parts Unknown", after the way we were billed in a local concert series once. Since then there have been some public performances with varying line-ups, but no further releases. You can download MP3 files below and check out the lyrics from my recordings here:

Lyrics from "Japanese Haiku Tour"

Lyrics from "From Parts Unknown"

Lyrics from the upcoming "Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax"

I'm almost finished with another CD's worth of material, but while the world waits for that, I'm making a selection of material available as MP3 files here.

Other Projects

I also produced projects for other artists, most notably the first single by the Urban Squirrels ("Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore" b/w "Jesus at the Ground Round") and the album "Calm Down" by Arpad and the New Sons of the Industrial Revolution. The Arpad project was pretty amazing as he was living in Canada at the time. He'd mail us a tape of two or three songs and the drummer and I would learn them (I was playing bass on this project, too) on our own. Then Arpad would come to town for a weekend of recording.

My Own Music for Download

Hotlinking to these files is not permitted by my server in order to save massive amounts of bandwidth from robots of various types. If you want to refer anyone to any of them please just provide a link to this page. Thanks.

Grandfather Mountain (4 Meg)
Instrumental — Featuring the Tibetan Singing Bowl! From the soundtrack of my video presentation Grandfather Mountain Photography.

Ahu Tongariki (4 Meg)
Instrumental. From the soundtrack of my award winning short film The Last Tree on Easter Island.

Watertown (2.6 Meg)
Featuring Denise Wearne and Mike Petrantoni on backing vocals, Michael Chan on keyboards and Jason Mirwald on percussion.

Dancin' Big (3.1 Meg)
Featuring Michael Chan on keyboards (and "Dancin' Big" backing vocals), Barbara Johnston on percussion.

Black Velvet Blues (3.5 Meg)
Featuring Mark Gifford on guitar, Greg Weckesser on drums, Barbara Johnston on percussion, Rob Cullivan on harmonica and 'Lectric Liz on backing vocals.

The Poet's Fulcrum (2.4 Meg)
Featuring Jeanne Hinkleman on backing vocals, Michael Chan on flute and keyboards and Barbara Johnston on djembe and other percussion.

Well of Life (3.5 Meg)
Featuring Tony Gross, Glenn Bennett and Wayne Penlon on guitars, Michael Chan on keyboards, Greg Amentt on drums, Brad Pettengill on percussion, and the Friends of the Fringe choir on backing vocals!

Here Comes Your Man (3 Meg)
Featuring Joe Dady on multiple violins and violas!

Persistence of Vision (3.2 Meg)
Featuring Mark Gifford on guitar, Barbara Johnston on percussion and Greg Weckesser on drums

(Except where noted, all instruments and vocals by Mark Roberts)

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