Mark Roberts' Photography Portfolio

Church of St Celynin, Llangelynnin, Wales

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Photo Copyright © Mark Roberts All rights reserved.

When I was 5 years old and my family lived in England, we took a holiday to Wales, where my father is from. One afternoon he led us on a hike in the mountains to see an ancient stone circle and a tiny, secluded church. We walked all day over soggy mountain slopes, without finding either.

So, a few years ago, we made a trip to Wales and met my parents there... and decided to try once more to find the "Druid Circle", this time with the aid of a guide book. The success of that hike is documented in my 360-degree panorama of the 3000-year-old stone circle.

That would have been enough for me. But later that day we decided to go out for a second walk, while my parents relaxed. And, without intending to, we completed the second part of my incomplete childhood walk by accidentally stumbling upon the old church!

This is the weathered old main door of the church, seen from inside just as the light was fading.

  • 1st place — 2006 Duquesne University Office of International Programs photo contest
  • Pittsburgh City Paper "Art Seen" featured work, 29 March, 2006
  • Selected for Along These Rivers: Poetry and Photography from Pittsburgh, Quadrant Press, 2008