In choosing photos for a portfolio, there's always a conflict between choosing one's own favorites and the works preferred by... everyone else. Friends, professional associates, critics and contest judges, print buyers and so on. This rotating collection includes a mix of my own favorites, some of my award-winning shots and a few favored by people whose judgment I respect. If you enjoy these there are more in the photography section of this web site.


Erie Canal at 6 a.m. / 7d101731

Erie Canal at 6 a.m.

A June morning in Bushnell's Basin, NY, just as the sun begins to burn off fog on the Erie Canal.

Sigma Corporation of America


Church of St Celynin, Llangelynnin, Wales / 7d501705

Church of St Celynin, Llangelynnin, Wales

I came upon this tiny one-room church while hiking in the hills above Penmaenmawr in north Wales.

Pittsburgh City Paper


Linville Peak Panorama / 7d502530

Linville Peak Panorama

A view from the top of Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

This is a "stitched" panorama ‚ 5 individual photographs combined into one panoramic image.


Live Oak and Vines / 7d700145

Live Oak and Vines

A magnificent Live Oak entangled in vines and moss.


Lichen and Leaves / 7d205020

Lichen and Leaves

A natural still life taken during a walk around Salem Lake.

Arts On The River

Arts Monongahela


Monet Does Chenonceau / 7d504802

Monet Does Chenonceau

A view of Château Chenonceau in the form of its reflection in the river Cher.

Part of a collection of photographs I took during a bicycle tour of the Loire valley.