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The e-book revolution is coming and it reached photographers in 2010 when Barnes & Noble introduced the first e-book reader with a color display, the Nook Color. Many more followed and still others will come in the future. You can read e-books on devices like the Apple iPad and even an ordinary computer using Adobe's free Digital Editions software or by using the free EPUB Reader plug-in for Firefox. Personally, I recommend FB Reader for Android. (It's also available for Windows, Mac, Blackberry and Linux platforms, though I haven't tried any of them.)

I'm offering e-books in the open standard EPUB format, which is compatible with all major ebook readers except the Amazon Kindle. There are some converter apps now on the market that will convert ePub books into a Kindle-readable format: ePub-To-Kindle-Fire Converter is one, but it apparently only works with the Android-based Kindle Fire, which I recommend avoiding (see below).

Until I see how popular this format is, these will all be done manually, so please allow 24 hours for the email to arrive in your in-box and if you have more than one email address remember that the email will come to the one you associate with your Pay Pal account.

Also please be aware that in order to better protect images from copyright thieves, the photographs in most of these ebooks are limited to around 800 pixels width. This is appropriate for most ebook readers, which have 800 x 1200-pixel screens (or thereabouts), but it means you won't be able to zoom in on individual photographs the way you may be accustomed to doing with your own photos and an image viewer app.

I strongly advise against buying the Amazon Kindle Fire, particularly as an e-book reader.

As per the recommendations on the Project Gutenberg web site:
"Amazon has locked down the Fire to make it hard to get any content to it you didn't buy from Amazon. It is a huge step back in freedom from the Kindle 3... To be specific, there is no way to download free books from the web and have the Kindle Fire store them permanently or in the same places where your books from Amazon are kept. This was easy with the Kindle 3. No more."

If you already have a Kindle Fire there "workarounds" that you can use to read EPUB books, but they're cumbersome and should be unnecessary – Amazon has deliberately set up hurdles to make things inconvenient. Project Gutenberg's (and my) recommendation is to buy the Google Nexus 7 instead.

That being said, for Kindle users there is a program called Calibre that reportedly does a good job of converting .epub files into the .mobi format the Kindle can read and Amazon has a free app called Send to Kindle that will upload to your Kindle.

PDML Photo Annual

I'm the editor of this book, a showcase of work by photographers from around the world. Created to benefit pediatric cancer treatment and research in deleloping nations through the Pediatric Oncology Global Health Initiative program of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital. Every year we take submissions from photographers all over the world and pick the best for this collection. The first edition came out in 2009 and editions since 2011 have been offered in ePub format as well as print.

• More about the PDML Photo Annual (and purchase print copies) here

PDML Photo Annual 2013 - book cover

2012 Edition

Order the ebook for just 6 dollars
PDML Photo Annual 2012 - book cover

2012 Edition

Order the ebook for just 6 dollars
PDML Photo Annual 2011 - book cover

2011 Edition

Order the ebook for just 6 dollars

Loire Valley Travels - book cover

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Loire Valley Travels
Back Roads and Châteaux

ISBN 978-0-9830664-2-2

My first book to be offered in electronic form is about a bicycle tour or France's Loire Valley, told in words and (mostly) pictures. 80 pages of text and photographs — 51 color and 12 black-and-white — about this remarkable and beautiful part of the world. Imacculately preserved (and fabulously beautiful) châteaux, picturesque ruins and glorious countryside landscapes — they're all in here in the tale of four friends traveling by bicycle over hill and dale, under sunny skies and through rain, past vinyards and, yes, llama farms.

• More about the book (and sample photos) here

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Blue Ridge High Country - book cover

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Blue Ridge High Country
From Blowing Rock to Grandfather Mountain

ISBN 978-0-9830664-5-3

A celebration in photographs of the natural beauty of the proposed Grandfather National Scenic Area in the Blue Ridge Mountains between the town of Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain, NC. Sweeping landscapes, secluded waterfalls, endangered wildflowers and more.

This book was created in cooperation with the GNSA, an group seeking to obtain a federal "National Scenic Area" designation to protect this area from logging and other environmentally and economically harmful activities (most of the economy of the area is based on tourism). There's a video about the effort on the Wild South web page.

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