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PDML Photo Annual 2016

The eighth edition of the PDML Photo Annual is now available (ISBN 978-0-9915297-6-6). Published to showcase the work of some talented photographers, this photography collection supports pediatric medical research and treatment worldwide through the Global Health Initiative of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital.

Get all the details and see previews of the book here.

Small Photo Exhibit

I am becoming quite the fan of craft beer. And by very good fortune there's an excellent wine and craft beer shop almost at the end of my street, Streetcar Wine & Beer. Since they regularly feature the work of local artists in their store it was probably only a matter of time until I ended up showing some work there.

If you missedthe exhibit at the shop the shop you can view the photos on line.

New photo gallery: Devon

I spent a week in May walking the South West Coast Path in Devon. This is only enough time to cover a small portion of the papath's over 600 mile distance but we did manage to walk from Plymouth to Brixham in six days. We covered about 12 (very hilly) miles a day and stayed mostly in small bed-and-breakfast places along the way. With only one partial day of rain(!) I was able to get a few good photographs along the way.

Here's a selection of them.

A Semester of Photoshop

The second edition of my Photoshop textbook – updated for Photoshop CC – is now available via (ISBN 978-0-9915297-2-8). It's intended for college-level introductory Photoshop courses and students getting their first exposure to this powerful and often baffling image editing program. It's 240 pages, structured from fundamental concepts in the earliest chapters, basic Photoshop tools and techniques in the middle and introduction to more advanced concepts toward the end. Click the thumbnail image above to order. Click here for more detailed information on this site.