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New photo gallery: Oxford

It was with some surprise a few days ago when I realized I had yet to set up a gallery of my photos from Oxford. Yes, there are a few Oxford shots in a couple of my UK photo galleries, but it's purely an oversight that I neglected to create a gallery devoted solely to Oxford. Well, that oversight has now been corrected and I have a whole collection of my work from one of my favorite places and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

See the whole gallery here.

New photo gallery: Liverpool

I spent a week in Liverpool recently and naturally shot a ton of photos. Aside from the waterfront statue fo the Beatles (shown here) I got images from pubs, streets, docklands and the remarkable (and remarkably strange) Liverpool cathedral. Shot almost entirely with the new Pentax K-1 full-frame DSLR and a handful of prime lenses (20mm, 31mm and 77mm), this gallery contains 24 of my favorite shots from this trip.

Here's the gallery.

A Semester of Photoshop

The second edition of my Photoshop textbook – updated for Photoshop CC – is now available via (ISBN 978-0-9915297-2-8). It's intended for college-level introductory Photoshop courses and students getting their first exposure to this powerful and often baffling image editing program. It's 240 pages, structured from fundamental concepts in the earliest chapters, basic Photoshop tools and techniques in the middle and introduction to more advanced concepts toward the end. Click the thumbnail image above to order. Click here for more detailed information on this site.